I have recieved a breach notice

If you are interested in Parking Enforcement Services for your car park, please go to Car Park Services or Contact Us.

A breach notice is given because there has been a breach of the contract agreed to when entering the car park. There are several reasons why a breach notice may be issued and details are given on the breach notice.

You can pay your breach via our online portal, via your bank and BPay, by cheque or money order. Please see more details on the payment options available.

You are able to appeal a breach within 21 days of receiving the breach notice. Appeals must be made in writing, either via our online portal or by post. Please see more details on the appeal options available.

We and our clients value your custom and want to make sure that parking is fair for everyone.

Depending on the location where you park at, we encourage you to consider the following:

  • Plan ahead – Arrive early for scheduled appointments, so that you are not rushed looking for a space to park and to make payment.

  • Be aware of terms posted in the car park, as parking products, times and rates will vary from location to location.

  • Be aware of where you have parked, making sure that you  have not parked in a restricted area or one only available to specific eligible drivers such as a Reserved Bay or a Disabled Bay

  • Consider a Monthly Subscription. If you regularly park in the same car park, then a monthly parking permit may be the ideal solution. Contact your Parking Operator for more details

Book online.  For some car parks, there is the option to book and pay for your parking in advance. Contact your Parking Operator for more details

Pay by Phone.  For some car parks, there is the option to pay for your parking via a parking app. These options often also allow to easily extend your time via the app and without the need to return to the car park to do so. Contact your Parking Operator for more details

Once we receive your appeal, the breach notice will be placed on hold until we can review and respond.

If we need more information from you, our customer service team will respond to you in writing by email or post, requesting further information.

We will confirm in writing if your appeal has been successful, or if the breach is upheld and you are still required to pay the breach.

If your appeal has been successful, the breach notice will be withdrawn and you do not need to do anything else.

If your appeal has been unsuccessful, the breach notice will be upheld. You will need to pay the Breach Notice. The payment date is located on the Breach Notice.

In the unlikely event that you do not receive a response from us by the payment due date, please contact our Administration Department via [email protected] or call via 1300 306 933 before attempting to make payment.

In some cases you may have provided your details in a previous appeal to Parking Enforcement Services, we also may have obtained the details by order of the applicable court in your state.

In most cases it will be because you have an outstanding parking breach notice, please contact us for further details or we will be in contact with you to advise when and where the breach notice was issued and the amount that is outstanding.